Sunday, August 26, 2012

Recent addition to my collection

After I moved to Japan in early Spring, I visited aquarium parks in Japan several times. The most impressive one was that in Okinawa, Churaumi Aquarium.

The newest one I visited was that in Tokyo, Sumida Aquarium. This one was just opened in May 2012, beside the Tokyo Skytree also just opened at the same time.

The below are the miniature figures I bought in the souvenir shop in the Sumida Aquarium. On the left you see the zebra shark (Stegostoma fasciatum), and on the right, the leopard shark (Triakis semifasciata).

The one on the right is my favorite. I didn't expect that I can find figures for these species at all. I got very excited and ended up with spending two thousand yen for them.