Monday, April 30, 2012

'Oktober'-fest in Kobe, Japan, in April/May

It was rainy today in Kobe, my new base in Japan. I visited a place called 'Kobe Harborland', a big attraction on the seashore with my family. We happened to find an event related to Germany. Yes, the traditional 'Oktoberfest' !

But, why in April/May? In Japan, we are now right in the middle of the year's biggest holiday season, called 'Golden week'. Probably, organizers chose this period due to this holiday season.

Did we, after 5-year-long life in Germany, enjoy ourselves in this late spring Oktoberfest in Kobe this time? No, we did not enter the event area and stayed in a different roofed area with more in-door shops. I am sure food and drinks at such a place are outrageously expensive. Moreover, we don't really miss German stuffs yet.