Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Susumu Ohno's book

It was very hard to decide which book I should bring from Japan before I moved to Germany (in 2007). I didn't want to miss any necessary and favorite book, while saving the cost of shipment.

Now in my bookshelf in the office in Konstanz, I have many Japanese books that I can't buy in Germany as well as some written in English. One of them is the Susumu Ohno's book 'Evolution by gene duplication'. The version I have is in Japanese (see below for the cover picture) - translated and published in 1977, 7 years after the publication of the original version written by the Japanese author in English. I listened to lectures, titled 'molecular biology',  by one of the translators in Kyoto when I was a 2nd-year undergraduate student.

In my impression, Ohno's contribution is not so acknowledged by Japanese researchers as by those outside. This is probably because he spent most of his scientific career in the US.

For those who are familiar with genome evolution, it should be apparent that the title of this blog 'Originally 4' came from one of his hypotheses - so-called 'two-round whole genome duplication (2R-WGD) hypothesis'.