Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tough time for Japanese overseas

I hope this blog post reaches as many people as possible.

There was a shocking news from Belgium. We had a tragedy, and it is still going on. Japan is polluting the world, I know. But, ....

There is another shocking page here (original article is here). This German page (of a prestigious magazine!!) kindly (?) used English words, and titled the picture 'Atomic Park'. ... why 'park' ?? Warum 'Spielplatz' ??

I recently wrote an article (sorry, in Japanese) about what I heard, saw and felt in Germany/Europe in a newsletter of the Japanese Society of Evolutionary Biologists. One researcher in Sendai (near one of the most severely affected regions by Tsunami) who read that said to me ... 'in a sense, it sounds more severe in Germany than here'.

I hope Japanese people overseas, as well as those inside, can maintain their dignity for life as I have managed to do so far.

' Tookuni itemo minnade gambarimashou! '